40 Relationship Journal Prompts

Text: 40 Relationship Journal Prompts

How do you feel about your relationships in your life? While many of us end up journaling about our relationships, if you really want to be more intentional about your relationships, these journal prompts can be a great tool. 

Relationship Journal Prompts can help you to be more thoughtful about your relationship. They help you to gain more insight into your relationships with others and see your relationships in a new way. 

Ultimately, the quality of your relationships depends on how you show up in them. These Relationship Journal Prompts can help bring more awareness to how you are showing up. Whenever you want to check in on your relationships, you can come back to them again and again. 

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40 Relationship Journal Prompts 

  1. What qualities are you drawn to in others? 
  2. What draws others to you?
  3. What does being a friend mean to you? 
  4. What does being in a relationship mean to you? 
  5. What did you think the perfect relationship would look like when you were younger? How is that different from how you picture it now? 
  6. What relationships are you most grateful for in your life? 
  7. What does connecting with another person feel like to you? 
  8. What element of yourself do others love that surprises you the most? 
  9. How has what you look for in a partner or friend changed over time? 
  10. What does family mean to you? 
  11. What do you wish your closest friends knew about you?
  12. Do you have a relationship that has fallen away that you wish you still had? What happened? What would happen if you reached out to them? 
  13. Are you the same person in all of your relationships? Why or why not? 
  14. What makes you feel sexy in your relationship? 
  15. Do you like being part of a team? Why or why not? 
  16. Are you giving or getting more from your relationships right now? 
  17. What assumptions are you making about your partner or friend right now? 
  18. How would you define a successful relationship? 
  19. How can you show up more in your relationships today? 
  20. How often do you say “I love you”? Why? 
  21. Who is your celebrity or fiction crush? 
  22. What was a time that a friend or partner made you feel exceptionally special? 
  23. How often are you fully present in your relationships?
  24. What qualities of your partner or close friends do you brag to others about? 
  25. When was a time you felt insecure in a relationship? What happened? What did you do? 
  26. What is hard about being in close relationships? 
  27. What is your love language? What is your partner’s love language? 
  28. Are you an over-sharer or an under-sharer in your relationships? 
  29. Who has a relationship that you admire? What do you admire about it? 
  30. What do you do when you have a conflict with others? 
  31. What makes you feel most vulnerable? 
  32. What does quality time look like for you in your relationships?
  33. What makes your partner feel loved? 
  34. What makes you feel loved? 
  35. What do you think is the difference between love and respect?
  36. Do you have any unfinished relationships in your life? What are you still holding onto? 
  37. Are you harder on the people you love? Why or why not? 
  38. How would you rate your relationship with yourself? 
  39. Pick someone you love dearly – write down every feeling you have when you think about this person. 
  40. Who in your life makes you laugh out loud? 
List of Relationship Journal Prompts

Why you should journal about your relationships?

There are many benefits to having healthy relationships in your life.

Relationships can help us:

  • Feel less stressed 
  • Heal faster 
  • Live a healthier lifestyle 
  • Feel more purpose in our lives 
  • Life longer 

Journaling about your relationships can help you give them more attention and identify areas for improvement and growth. This reflection can help you to create more healthy relationships in your life. 

How to use these relationship journaling prompts

These journal prompts are great to use anytime you want to supercharge and grow your relationships. I recommend picking 2-3 for each individual journaling session. Use them as a prompt and keep writing any other thoughts that come up for you. You can go in order or you can pick them out at random and work your way through the list. If you want more prompts, check out these gratitude journal prompts for more inspiration. 

Bonus! These Relationship Journal Prompts can also be a great prompt for conversations with your partner, friends, or family. Pick a prompt that sparks your interest and take turns sharing your answers with each other. 

And there you have it. 40 Relationship Journaling Prompts to spark your reflection. What prompts surprised you? Have you found any other prompts that have helped you to better understand your relationships? 



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