Journaling for Manifesting Generators

Text: Journaling for Manifesting Generators

In the Human Design system, Manifesting Generators have a huge energy and potential for impact. Learning about journaling for Manifesting Generators can help you to harness that energy and use it to better understand yourself and the world around you. 

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If you already know you are a Manifesting Generator, the following might resonate with you: 

  • You are able to multi-task and get a ton of work done when you are in the zone
  • You have many different interests in different areas 
  • You are happiest when pursuing whatever lights you up in that moment, even if it might seem odd to other people 
  • You are always the person who is able to accomplish more than most people around you 

Characteristics of Manifesting Generators: 

Manifesting Generators are happiest when working on passion projects that light them up. When they are doing work they love, they feel more energized from doing the work. They also have many different interests and passions and can often feel a bit scattered and chaotic in their lives. This can feel frustrating, especially if you are measuring yourself against normal expectations of linear progress. 

Benefits of Journaling for Manifesting Generators: 

Journaling can be a grounding practice for this chaotic and expansive energy. It can help Manifesting Generators better understand where they should focus their energy and what really is most important to them in their lives.

 As a Generator type, Manifesting Generators do best when they respond to the world around them. This response is in the form of a sacral response, which is a deep sense of “yes” or “no” to whatever is in front of you. When Manifesting Generators follow this deep sacral response, they are intuitively guided to their greater purpose. Journaling can be a helpful practice to recognize this sacral response in your life. 

How to Journal as a Manifesting Generator: 

If you prefer video, check out the video below!

For Manifesting Generators, there are two key types of journaling that can help you to tune into your own response system. 

#1: Idea Journal 

The first type of journal is an idea journal. As I’ve mentioned Manifesting Generators tend to have tons of interest and ideas. They have big energy and are constantly thinking about the next thing. Personally, I love learning new things and can easily go down the rabbit hole of exploring topics and new ideas. 

An idea journal helps to ground this energy and capture the excitement and variety of your ideas. An idea journal is specifically used for writing down all of your different ideas. Ideally it is great to have a journal that you can use on the go so you can capture ideas whenever they come to you. I often use the Notes app in my phone for this so I can write in it no matter where I am. 

Above all, idea journals should be fun! They are where you can capture everything- no matter how crazy it might seem. They also can help you feel less anxious and stressed, because you know you have captured the idea on paper and no longer have to think about it. For me, this helps me to keep moving forward and stay focused on whatever I am doing in that moment, knowing that I won’t lose the other ideas that are running through my mind. 

It can be a good practice to review your idea journal on a regular basis. Sometimes your ideas will seem pretty out there and sometimes they will help inform your next action. By capturing your ideas in one place, you can turn to them whenever you need inspiration. 

#2: Responding Journal 

On the other side of the spectrum, a responding journal helps you to identify elements outside of yourself that you need to respond to. This is a great way to check-in with your sacral response and listen to how it responds to different ideas. There are two main ways I recommend using a responding journal: 

First, if you have a hard time connecting to your sacral response, you can use a journaling process to practice it. This works by: 

  1. Asking yourself a question 
  2. Checking in with yourself
  3. Writing out your response 

Sometimes the act of writing can help shut down any self-censoring allow you to connect into your intuition and sacral response. 

The second way to use a responding journal is to consistently ask yourself about what you need to respond to in your life. Essentially you will regularly ask yourself a question like:

What do I need to respond to right now? 

What have I seen recently that I am intrigued about? 

What patterns have I been seeing in my life that I want to respond to?

When you ask yourself these questions, they will help to reveal new opportunities for you. These can help you break out of solely listening to your own ideas and instead identify opportunities around you that are leading the way forward for you.  

When you start to play with and trust this – it can be so fun! Instead of just creating and moving towards your dreams in a bubble, you get to play with the universe and the world around you. You start to quickly see opportunities to respond to something around you, which often helps you to build momentum quickly. This also leads you down paths you can’t predict ahead of time which can be extremely fulfilling and again, just a fun exercise and way to live. 

As a Manifesting Generator myself I might be slightly biased, but it is a great energy type to be. There is nothing better than being lit up and in the zone as a Manifesting Generator and these two journaling practices can help you to get there on a regular basis! Enjoy your big, chaotic, and exciting Manifesting Generator energy and journal your heart out! 🙂



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  1. Thank you for that! It makes so much sense. Thats exactly the way I’m doing it. I have trouble to let my mind wondering and writing at the same time (too many tabs open), so I write down words or I answer questions. It’s powerfull and so liberating.

    Have an amazing day!

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