How to Create a Manifestation Journal

How To Start A Manifestation Journal

Are you willing to commit twenty minutes a day to creating the life you want? 

If you answered yes, a Manifestation Journal might just be the thing for you. 

A Manifestation Journal is a technique that uses the Law of Attraction. The basic foundations of the Law of Attraction are: 

  • Like attracts like 
  • Your life is shaped by where you put your energy and attention 
  • How you feel impacts how you experience the world 
  • Manifesting is creating abundance and a life you want by how you think and feel about your life 

A Manifestation Journal helps you to supercharge your manifestations by creating a practice around envisioning what you want, identifying blocks, and moving you daily towards your dream life. 

The best part is that A Manifestation Journal is essentially free to begin and can be done by just about anyone. 

Ready to learn more? 

The process for creating a Manifestation Journal includes: 

  • Picking a special journal for your manifestations
  • Developing a Manifestation Journaling routine 
  • Experiment with techniques to identify your goals and vision 
  • Create space for regular self-reflection and gratitude

Prefer video? In this video, I explain the steps below:

Pick a Special Journal for Your Manifestation Process:

There is no one perfect journal for your Manifestation Journal.

Hands down, the most important thing it to find a journal that inspires you. In manifestation work, energy matters. So you want to find a journal that lights you up. 

A common trap is picking a very pretty or fancy journal that looks nice in theory but then feels too pretty to actually write in. Manifesting is never a linear process, so it’s important to find a journal that you can take on the journey with you. 

If you feel stuck on this, I recommend two options to try: 

  1. Write in the Notes App on your phone 

Having a connection between physical paper and your brain can be extremely powerful, but sometimes it is just too much pressure. I have had massive success in my manifestation process simply using the notes app on my phone. The benefit of this is that you almost always have it with you, so if you are inspired to journal you can do it in the moment. Also, for some folks, this eases the pressure of writing the perfect thing. You can write what you feel in the moment and always can delete or go back and change something if you need to. 

  • Write on blank or scrap pieces of paper 

With this method, you grab whatever paper is available to you in the moment and complete your manifestation journal process. While this process might feel a bit scattered for some, the benefit is that it helps you to remember that you have the power to manifest and get in touch with your intuition in any moment. When I use this method I do like to collect the paper scraps as it can be useful to review them later. I also love this method because it is truly accessible to everyone – you can grab a receipt or a napkin and journal directly on it. It’s a great reminder that fancy notebooks can be fun, but they are not necessary! 

Develop a Manifestation Journal Routine: 

Your manifestation journal is even more powerful when it becomes a routine and ritual in your life. While any rhythm of journaling is possible, most people find the morning and/or the evening as the best times for a manifestation journal ritual. 

A morning manifestation journal routine is powerful because it allows you to set the tone of your day. This is a great opportunity to imagine what you want for the upcoming day and use that visualization to create the framework for your day. Most people have the freshest thinking in the morning, especially before taking in input from the world, such as social media or news. This fresh thinking can be extremely powerful in a manifestation practice and ultimately dictate the tone of the rest of your day. 

An evening manifestation journal routine can also be very effective. This timing allows you to review and reflect on your day. This can help to draw attention to patterns that are showing up for you or help you to see a path forward for the next day. This can also be a great time to express gratitude for the day which is an essential part of any manifestation journal. 

Ultimately any time of day can work for you, and some folks like to journal both in the morning and evening. Because a routine can be hard to maintain at the beginning, I recommend starting small and growing from there. Pick ten minutes in the morning or evening and commit to a manifestation journal practice during that time. After you sustain this practice for a couple of weeks, you can play around with the timing and even add more sessions. You will find some days you don’t need any practice and other days you will need multiple sessions. Follow your instincts on this. 

Experiment with techniques to identify your goals and vision 

You are likely asking yourself at this point – okay – what do I actually write during my manifestation journaling process? 

This is the heart of your manifestation work. 

Here are a couple of specific techniques that you can try: 

  1. Write a Manifestation List 

This technique involves writing out your goals and dreams that you want to manifest in your life. For some people, it helps to be extremely specific with this list. An example of this would be: 

            Manifestation List: 

  • New Apartment
    • In a specific neighborhood
    • Under $X amount per month 
    • Includes parking 
    • With a washer/dryer in unit and garbage disposal
    • Morning sunshine in bedroom 
    • Outside space that is private and easily accessible 

Note, for other people it is more helpful to be more general. An example of this would be: 

  • New apartment
    • Feels safe and secure
    • Convenient 
    • Warm environment 

Try both styles and see what works best for you. 

  • Scripting: 

This technique involves writing out in more detail what your ideal future looks like. With this technique it helps to write in the present tense or the past tense, for example, “I am working at X company” or “I got a job that I absolutely love”. One way to think about this technique is “writing your autobiography”. 

With this technique, it is important to have fun! Go crazy with your imagination – what does the day to day life of your future-self look like? What do you do when you wake up in the morning? What do you eat for lunch? Who do you call when you achieve a major goal? The more specific you can be, the better you can paint the picture for yourself and engage your imagination in this future you are creating. You can use this technique to script your future, or even to script your upcoming day. 

  • Identifying Blocks:

In this technique, you will explore through your writing the gap between where you currently are and your ideal future. This isn’t about complaining or feeling sorry for yourself. This is about asking yourself “Who would I need to be to be this future version of myself?” or “Why don’t I feel like I deserve this?”. This is the darker part of the process, and it is where writing can be even more powerful than ever. Identify and embrace your insecurities and use them as a road map forward. Often by capturing this on paper, you will have new insight into your own mind and what might be holding you back. 

  • Gratitude 

The Law of Attraction is all about having an abundant attitude. While the other techniques mentioned tend to focus on everything you don’t have or everything you want, this technique is about deeply appreciating everything you do have. It’s extremely powerful to recognize and appreciate everything in your current life that you are grateful for. And even more powerful is to be grateful in advance for all of the things that are coming to you in the future. This orientation and mindset help you to feel that you have already received whatever you are asking for, making you an energetic match for what you are calling into your life. 

Create space for regular self-reflection and gratitude 

Outside of your daily Manifestation Journaling, it is important to create space for self-reflection and gratitude. This comes from reviewing your manifestation practice on a whole. Some questions for reflection include: 

  • How do I feel about the future I am writing about? 
  • How am I seeing my manifestation journal impact my life? 
  • What is showing up for me that I am grateful for? 
  • Does my manifestation journal feel fun or stressful? 
  • Do I feel energized by my practice? 
  • What is an even more fun way to practice my Manifestation Journaling? 

These questions will help you to tap into how your practice is showing up in your daily life. Be sure to pay attention to the answers you are hearing and adapt your practice accordingly. Manifestation Journals should feel fun and light. If it is starting to feel heavy and stressful, take a pause and adjust in whatever way is supportive for you. 

Putting your pen to paper and creating a vision for your life is an extremely powerful practice. By writing in your Manifestation Journal every day you will train your brain to focus on your goals and dreams and identify opportunities for action. In manifestation work, the practice matters just as much as the results. Have fun and be playful in your practice and manifest your dreams like crazy! 

Do you have a Manifestation Journal? Share what manifestations you have brought forth in the comments below. 



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