A Guide to Creating a Heartsong Journal

How to Create a Heartsong Journal

Do you like to journal? 

Do you like personal development? 

If you answered yes, then I think you will love the idea of a Heartsong Journal! 

A Heartsong Journal is a concept that I learned about from Rachel Wilkerson Miller. This journal is a collection of reflections, notes, lists, and general ideas that represent something about yourself. Instead of writing in your Heartsong Journal on a daily or weekly basis as you would with a standard journal, the idea is to create entries as needed that include information you want to reference on a regular basis. 

In some ways, a Heartsong Journal is more of a collection or reference guide that a typical journal. It gives you a beautiful snapshot of yourself and can help you organize your most important notes. While it could include anything you want, a Heartsong Journal works great for the following types of entries: 

  • Bucket Lists 
  • Personality Tests
  • Astrological Chart 
  • Long term goals or resolutions 
  • Meaningful quotes or lyrics 
  • Favorite things lists
  • Special photos or mementos 
  • Favorite intentions or affirmations 

The beauty of a Heartsong Journal is that you can keep all of these important notes in one place for easy reference. Instead of searching through old notebooks or journals or in the Notes app on your phone, you have one special journal that you can revisit time after time. While the process for creating a Heartsong Journal will evolve over time, here are the steps to get started: 

  • Set an intention for your Heartsong Journal 
  • Pick a Journal 
  • Create some initial entries to get started 
  • Set a routine for reviewing/updating your Heartsong Journal 

If you prefer to learn more on video, check out the link below:

Step 1: Set an Intention for your Heartsong Journal 

Excited about the idea of a Heartsong Journal and want to dive in? Before jumping in, I recommend setting an intention for your new journal. Starting a new journal is a commitment so you want to be clear about what you are hoping to get out of it. Some possible intentions include: 

  • To organize my life 
  • To track my development and growth 
  • To have a resource to get back in touch with myself whenever I feel overwhelmed 
  • To develop a stronger sense of self 
  • To have fun and play! 

Step 2: Pick a Journal 

Ideally, your Heartsong Journal is something you will have for quite a while. So it is worth it to invest some time into thinking about what kind of journal feels like “you” and will inspire you when you pick it up. 

For my first Heartsong Journal, I picked something pretty, colorful, and fairly lightweight. Ultimately, anything will work fine – give yourself a fixed amount of time to research and then make a decision at the end of time and go with it. 

Step 3: Create some initial entries to get started 

This is where the fun really starts! 

You don’t have to fill every page up all at once, but it is good to get the ball rolling with a couple of initial entries. Here are a couple that I recommend: 

  • Take a personality test (Meyers Brigg, Enneagram, StrengthsFinder, etc.). 
    • After completing the test write down your results and some notes on what they mean. Then add some of your own reflections on what resonates that most with you. 
  • Write a “Favorite Things List” 
    • Pick an area of your life and write a list of your favorites. This could be books, meals, songs, activities. I wrote out an at-home date idea list that I can reference whenever I need some inspiration. 
  • Write down some guiding quotes, affirmations, or intentions 
    • Is there something you tell yourself, again and again, to feel more calm or relaxed? Or maybe a pep talk phrase you repeat when you need a boost of confidence? These are great to write down so you have them top of mind on a regular basis. 
  • You can also have some visual entries with doodles, drawings, or even scrapbook items that you want to remember for the future. 

Step 4: Create a Routine for Reviewing/Updating Your Heartsong Journal 

Since your Heartsong Journal will have information that you want to reference on a regular basis, it can help to create some kind of routine around reviewing it. This could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually. When you review it, you can also ask yourself if there are any new entries since you last wrote that you want to include going forward. 

When reviewing your Heartsong Journal, you may also notice that somethings have changed since you last wrote in it. Leave room in your entries for making updates. You may also find that new things resonate with you based on where you are at in your life at that moment. This is a great opportunity to recognize growth in your life. 

A Heartsong Journal can be a really fun practice to add to your journaling practice. It’s a great way to get in touch with yourself add more creative expression to your life. 




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