50 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

Text: 50 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

One of the greatest gifts of journaling is self-discovery. Journaling can help you to understand yourself in a new way, recognize patterns in your life, process your emotions and thoughts and express your true self. Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery are meaningful questions that help to spark your thoughts and writing. These prompts each are meant to shine a light on an aspect of yourself you might not think about otherwise. 

Some of these Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery might feel uncomfortable to think about. But looking at all aspects of ourselves and is a great way to grow and the revelations you have while journaling may help you to make better decisions in your life. 

50 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery 

  1. What are you most proud of in your life?
  2. Who do you admire in your life? Why? 
  3. Where do you feel most safe and at home?
  4. Where do you feel most uncomfortable and vulnerable?
  5. What were your favorite activities and hobbies when you were ten? 
  6. What has made you feel most excited in the last week?
  7. What has made you feel most afraid in the last week? 
  8. What does your life look like in five year? Ten years?
  9. What have been some of the most pivotal decisions in your life? Did you realize the importance of them at the time? 
  10. What do you wish you got more credit for? 
  11. What is your go-to cocktail party story? Do you like telling it? 
  12. What fictional characters do you relate to the most? 
  13. Does your life look like what you thought it would when you were younger? Why or why not? 
  14. In what areas of your life do you feel most confident? 
  15. What areas of your life do you feel the most insecure? 
  16. What feelings do you want to feel on a regular basis? 
  17. What does joy feel like to you?
  18. What are you most embarrassed about? 
  19. What do you spend the most time thinking about? 
  20. What do you spend the most time talking about? 
  21. What question do you wish your friends would ask you? 
  22. What identity in your life (child, parent, employee, boss, student, etc.) do you associate with most closely? Why? 
  23. What music/books/TV do you like that you are embarrassed to admit?
  24. What music/books/TV do you say you like, but don’t really like? 
  25. Write about an artistic experience that impacted you in a meaningful way 
  26. What are the top three apps that you use on your phone? 
  27. What song would describe your past year? 
  28. What daily convenience can you not live without? 
  29. What do you hate that most people like? 
  30. Are you a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? 
  31. What social cues are you hyper aware of? 
  32. What experience has made you feel a super-strong emotion recently? What happened? 
  33. What do you say and how do you feel when you receive compliments? 
  34. If you spent a whole weekend by yourself, what would you do? 
  35. If you could go anywhere for a week vacation, where would you go? 
  36. Which of your past relationships changed you the most? 
  37. What kind of animal do you wish you were most like and what kind of animal do you think you are actually most like? 
  38. What are your unique habits/behaviors? 
  39. What’s your favorite decade in history? What do you like about it? 
  40. How do you calm yourself down when you are stressed? 
  41. What is one of your favorite memories? Describe it in detail. 
  42. What choice have you made in your life that has made you the happiest?
  43. What choice do you need to make in the next year to increase your happiness? 
  44. If your life was a film genre, what would it be?
  45. When have you experienced a deal-breaker in your life? What happened? 
  46. If you found a secret tunnel, where would you want it to go? 
  47. When do you feel fearless in your life? 
  48. What feels nourishing to you? 
  49. What was your favorite class in school? What did you like about it? 
  50. What is your favorite thing about yourself? 

How to Use These Journal Prompts 

#1. Don’t try to answer them all at once! 

These journal prompts for self-discovery are meant to do just that – to help you to discover more about yourself. In order to do that reflectively, it’s important to slow down and go beyond the surface. Take a couple of questions at a time and work through them over multiple days and weeks.

#2. Trust your initial response, but go deeper 

There are two key steps to responding to these self-discovery journal prompts. The first step is to capture your immediate response. Don’t think too much about the prompt and write down your initial instinctual response. Then after you’ve captured that, the next step is to go deeper into your response. Use your own initial response as your next prompt, what ideas, thoughts, and feelings does your response trigger for you? Keep writing whatever comes up without overthinking it or judging your thoughts. 

#3. Use your responses as a blueprint for your life  

These journal prompts for self-discovery are a great starting part for understanding more about yourself. That knowledge in and of itself is incredibly valuable. But you can take it even further by using your self-knowledge to make decisions in your life. These can be small decisions like what you want to do that day or bigger decisions like what job you want or where you want to live. These journal prompts help to provide more clarity in your life that can help shape your direction forward. 

And there you have it! I hope you enjoy these journal prompts for self-discovery and that you discover something new about yourself! 



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