35 Mindfulness Journal Prompts

35 Mindfulness Journal Prompts

Do you want to be more mindful in your life, but struggle with meditation? 

Using mindfulness journal prompts can be a great way to gain more clarity and presence in your life. Like meditation, mindfulness journal prompts force you to slow down and focus on the present moment. By thoughtfully considering the journal prompt and spending time writing your answer, you’ll engage both your observant and reflective mind. 

Mindfulness journaling is slower than more traditional freewriting journaling. Instead of simply writing your thoughts on paper, you’ll use these prompts to frame your thinking and then use the act of writing to process your thoughts on an even deeper level. 

This is about the process, not the volume of your output. So, start small with a couple of journal prompts below and take your time with your response. 

35 Mindfulness Journal Prompts 

  1. What around you right now makes you smile?  
  2. Write a list of moments that you will never forget 
  3. How do you feel strong emotions in your body? 
  4. Finish the sentence: Pain feels like ____________
  5. Finish the sentence: Fear feels like ____________
  6. Describe how you feel your breath move through your body 
  7. Imagine that someone else is controlling your hand and you are simply observing. What does your hand write? 
  8. Describe the sounds you hear around you 
  9. Describe the quality of your current energy 
  10. Ask your inner voice about what you should write – what do you hear? 
  11. What feels uncomfortable right now? 
  12. What have you spent most of my time on in the last 24 hours? How does that match your values and dreams? 
  13. What thought have you repeated the most in your head in the last 24 hours? 
  14. What are you afraid of right now? 
  15. What are you yearning for right now?
  16. What would make you feel more comfortable right now? 
  17. Do you spend the most time thinking about the past, the present, or the future? 
  18. If a magic wand could take away all of your worries, what would happen? 
  19. What are the top three emotions you have felt in the last week? 
  20. What part of your body needs attention right now? 
  21. What part of your heart needs attention right now? 
  22. How can you soften in this moment?
  23. What temperatures do you feel right now? How does that vary throughout your body? 
  24. Where are you holding tension right now? 
  25. What do you need help with in your life? 
  26. Who in your life do you need to help? 
  27. What would make you feel 10 times more alive at this very moment? 
  28. What would your ten-year-old self want to do right now? 
  29. What have you been afraid to say?
  30. What have you been afraid to do? 
  31. Do you need more action or more rest in your life? 
  32. Do you need more time with others or more time by yourself right now? 
  33. How do you feel about journaling right now? Content? Peaceful? Impatient? 
  34. What is the most vivid sensory memory you have from your day? 
  35. What are you observing changing in your life right now? 

If you prefer video, I walk through some of these prompts in this video below:

Image list of journal prompts

How to Use These Mindfulness Journal Prompts: 

While using these Mindfulness Journal Prompts, your goal is to be as grounded and present as possible. This might mean taking some time before you begin for meditation or deep breathing. You’ll also want to use these prompts when you can be in a quiet place and write without interruptions.

As you write in your mindfulness journal, you may find that you are writing more words and descriptions as opposed to full sentences. This is perfectly fine and can be a great way to use these prompts. Instead of answering with a fully formed thought, start by writing the first thoughts and words that come to your mind. This can help you to get into the flow of writing and connect even deeper with your own internal wisdom. 

For best results, it is useful to setup a regular practice of mindful journaling. You can pick a couple of the mindfulness journal prompts or start to write your own as well. Doing this for short periods of time each day can help you to feel calmer and more relaxed in your daily life. Additionally, if you are ever feeling stressed and overwhelmed, spending a couple of minutes answering these journal prompts can be a powerful way to re-center yourself.  

Why Mindfulness is important: 

In addition to helping you feel centered, mindfulness can help you to better understand yourself. By writing and reviewing your responses to these prompts, you can start to recognize your own patterns of thinking. When you do this, you start to realize that you are the observer of your thoughts, not the thoughts themselves. This meditative practice can help you to feel significantly more empowered and confident in your life. 

Additionally, mindfulness and using these journal prompts can help you to identify areas of your life that require change. Without taking the time to deeply reflect on how you feel, you might not recognize the signs in your daily life. But taking time out for a mindfulness practice allows you to listen more to your own intuition. In particular, using these mindfulness journal prompts can stop your habitual thinking patterns and give you new insight you might have missed otherwise. 

Mindfulness Journaling can be a rewarding way to focus your attention and connect to the present moment. These journal prompts will help to guide your way and help you to learn how to observe and listen to your own voice. 



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